Photo: Tim Heffernan. We also rigged up some tests to measure the suction (using a specialized gauge) and raw airflow (using an anemometer) for each vacuum. The Flex was previously our top pick, but several Amazon customer reviewers write that the Flex does not have as much suction as they expected, and in our tests it struggled with large debris like chips and Cheerios. With a triple filtration system too, you can be sure that no dirt and debris gets left behind. This product review was written by Mia Cohen. (And yes, Dyson handhelds are essentially the same vacuums as the Dyson sticks that we cover in our cordless vacuum guide, just without the floor-extension tube or cleaning heads.). Cordless - It feels like almost everything is or can be cordless in the modern world, so why not vacuums too? The Black+Decker Dustbuster Hand Vacuum CHV1510 and the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac SV780 are a couple of other popular models that offer relatively strong suction for not much money. However, we also know vacuums over $100 are out of some people’s budgets. We found the CHV1410L to be comfortable to handle, at least in a traditional sense. Offering a massive 40 minutes total run time, it’s no surprise the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is our choice for the premium handheld vacuum on the market. Of course, for handheld vacuums that offer different suction power modes, take note that the battery runtime for even the best handheld vacuums will be reduced if you operate it on a higher suction power mode. Here are the comprehensive reviews of the 20 best handheld vacuums that I recommend. Shares (Image credit: Black & Decker) The best handheld vacuums will make quick work of cars, stairs, and pet hair. Our top pick for the greatest handheld vacuums of all time (or at least this year) is the mighty BLACK+DECKER MAX Pivot. Longer battery life can be helpful, but better suction often means you don’t need to clean as long. We also tried the cheapest handheld vac that we could find on Amazon, just to see how it would do (spoiler: real bad). Welcome back! Store-bought vacuums; no cherry-picked units; Easily comparable results; No ads; unbiased reviews ; Supported directly by you via insider access and when you purchase through our affiliate links Learn more about our approach to product reviews here. Certain models weren’t especially loud but did make a high-pitched whine (in the same range as a baby crying), and those models proved to be the most annoying to work with. You might also consider the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum 33A1, a model similar to the Eureka Easy Clean with good owner ratings, but one that we haven’t tested. It's also decently well-built and fairly simple to maintain, with few parts that require routine maintenance. Best vacuum cleaners for 2020. They also come with more power than their cordless counterparts, due to having a consistent power source throughout. The Bissell Multi Auto can handle tougher jobs than the Black+Decker Pivot vac thanks to its strong suction—almost as strong as that of the Pivot and stronger than that of the Flex—and to its collection of effective tools that make it great for cleaning tight spaces, odd angles, and upholstered surfaces. Black+Decker also makes more than a dozen Dustbuster-style hand models that look a lot like our runner-up, the CHV1410L. But apart from other, also-expensive Dyson models, no other handheld vacuums come close to its cleaning power. Strong and powerful suction picks up dust, hair as well as liquids, Clean your house on just one single charge, Supplied with a series of useful attachments including a rubber tool to protect glass, Extension hose can be used to clean all areas of your home, LED light for cleaning dark and dimly lit spaces. That means you don’t have to worry about trailing wires behind you – just pick up the Bissell AeroSlim 29869 and get to work. Love this product? It's challenging to get around the house and position it the way you need to get to those hard to reach areas. The GHI put the best vacuum cleaners to the test – we'll help you separate the best from the rest. But we think the 20-volt version we recommend in this guide is worth paying extra for because the added oomph of the battery helps offset the inefficiency of the long, corrugated hose. These upright, canister, stick, robotic, and handheld vacuums excel in our tests. You can lower the power to 7,000pa if you want to prolong the battery life. If you are new to this type of vacuum cleaner, you may be a little frustrated. With a run time that we clocked at 30 minutes, the V7 Car+Boat also has more battery life than its competitors. Easily fits into tight spaces with slim nozzle design, See-through, easy to remove, washable dust bowl, Equipped with smart charge technology for cleaning efficiency. We tried a bunch of hand vacs and were surprised by just how powerful they've become. The Hoover Impulse Cordless Stick comes complete with excellent suction and fade-free power, while also being easy to carry, steer, and operate. I always take a close look at the features that are important for my household to get the appliance that will best suit my needs. The pivoting nozzle makes getting into crevices, such as in between car seats, a lot easier than with a traditional Dustbuster. Suction is what allows the vacuum cleaner to lift debris off the ground, while airflow helps ferry the debris to the vacuum’s dust bin. Best handheld vacuum 2020: the best small vacuums for your home and car. The Multi Auto has stronger suction than the Flex, as well as 20 minutes of run time, twice that of the Flex. Both are permanently fixed to the vacuum, so you can’t lose them. The Black+Decker 20V Max Lithium Flex has less suction than the Bissell Multi Auto, but its longer hose makes it more versatile. The vacuum should also maneuver easily into awkward spots—hoses, pivoting nozzles, and some attachments can help. This can drastically reduce your vacuuming time (which you may not consider a bad thing) while also affect their power, as cordless vacuums are less powerful than corded. They do run on batteries, though, and these batteries will run down and require charging. Especially strong handhelds can also suck up some fine dust, as well as larger, heavier pebbles or chunks of food. Much like the Bissell, you don’t have to use it solely for pet hair, and this versatility make sit a great mid-range option for a quick and effective clean that shouldn’t take up too much time. Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2020. It can’t reach as many awkward spots or get hair off upholstery, but it costs a lot less and still manages to pick up most common debris. Hardwood is easier to clean and less prone to absorbing hair and dirt as carpet or rugs, so you need not vacuum these as often as you would fabric-coated floors in the home. It has a powerful self-cleaning motorized brush roll, a washable filter, and an extra-large dirt cup for pet hair. (It’s a few minutes shorter if you’re using the motorized brush tool, which draws extra power from the battery. Of the hand vacuums we tested, the Pivot ranked second only to the super-expensive Dyson V7 Car+Boat in terms of suction; in our tests, it reliably picked up most types of visible debris. There’s more to it than this though. If you do a lot of cleaning – whether that’s due to obsession, kids, or pets, this handheld vacuum cleaner is a great choice to keep the house spic and span. The most common examples are the interior of a car and surfaces around your house that aren’t the floor, such as countertops, windowsills, curtains, and shelves. No products found. To be fair, the V7 Car+Boat is wicked expensive for a vacuum that can’t really clean your floors. Our results aligned pretty closely with what we found in our debris-pickup tests. The vacuum runs for less than 10 minutes on the Max power setting. It seems pet hair has finally met its match. Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Stick Handheld Vacuum. There’s also a crevice tool to help with those troublesome corners and gaps behind the sofa, while the detachable motorized pet brush is an excellent addition to help you go over everything one last time for cleaning perfection. 10. Dyson V7 Trigger. This proved to be too much fun, and too large of a job, and so didn’t achieve the desired results. Save this story for later. Top 15 Best Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews 2020. For a dependable, versatile, and affordable cleaner, we prefer a bagless upright, but we have recommendations for other types of vacuums as well. NiCd batteries are particularly awful because such vacs start to lose suction about halfway through their run time, they completely lose their charge after a couple of months, and they suffer from the memory effect. This vacuum does not come with a purpose-built pet-hair tool or a motorized brush roll, but in our tests it did the job just fine without either one, and the dusting brush can make the task easier. Make sure you also check our guide to the best upright vacuums. Again, higher battery voltage doesn’t necessarily mean more cleaning power, but we’ve found that 16 volts is a reasonable baseline for decent suction. Finding the best handheld vacuum is worth your while, especially if you count yourself … Also, because the CHV1410L has no hose or pivoting nozzle, it’s a hassle to clean the kinds of odd angles that our main pick excels at. We researched the best picks to find you the best handheld vacuum for your home. The Flex, in contrast, is less powerful, but you can use its longer hose with just one hand. With it, you’ll get accessories to maximize your vacuuming, including car tools, a combination tool, and extension hose, in addition to a car charger, many of which are compatible with previous and future models. We never thought we’d get excited about vacuum cleaners, but unless this is merely showing our age, it’s absolutely a vacuum that has all the tools for the cleanest house on the block. With the attachments, the V7 Car+Boat’s advantage over its competitors is even greater. Air wattage is an industry-standard measurement for suction power. Photo: Michael Murtaugh. Pulling the canister off requires more force than with other models we tested and may be difficult for people who have reduced grip strength or mobility issues. The Flex comes with three attachments that clip onto the end of the hose (top to bottom): a combo brush, a crevice tool, and a pet-hair brush. Best Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner UK 2020. The 20 best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in 2020 ranked based on 1,449 reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Various additional attachments are included with your purchase so whether you are cleaning wood, tile, carpets, floors, ceilings or removing pet hair, this compact, lightweight, powerful yet portable vacuums cleaner can take care of the lot. 1. Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Pinterest Email. Some vacuums will come with the extendable hose built in to the vacuum whereas others will offer them as additional accessories. The Dyson V7 Trigger cord-free handheld vacuum comes with a mini motorized tool, a combination tool, and a crevice tool. The removable handle makes those hard-to-reach areas not so hard any longer, while additional attachments maximize your vacuuming options. Dyson V7 Trigger. We think the Pivot’s relatively short battery life and middling owner ratings are fine given that it otherwise performs better than comparable models. Handheld vacuums are a diverse group, with some models designed for the awkward angles of a car interior, others purpose-built for pulling pet hair off carpeted stairs or upholstery, and many meant for easy kitchen-floor cleaning. In a previous version of this guide, we recommended the Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac 71B, a plug-in handheld vacuum with a permanent brush roll. Plus, it’s called the Dust Devil Scorpion, and we’re not sure there’s anything that can make a vacuum sound cooler. Published on 11 November 2020. Just sayin’. For easy access, you can mount the charger to the wall and grab it like a knight defending his castle whenever dust accumulates. Best vacuum cleaners for 2020. Still, that should be enough time for you to clean most of the interior of a car, and the strong suction means you can work faster than you’d be able to with a weaker model. It is lightweight and easy to use on any surface, and it has a hygienic dirt eject system. If it were cordless, it would probably be one of our top picks. Top 20 Best Handheld Vacuums On The Market 2020 Reviews. You can even rotate the nozzle mid-operation, and the Pivot maintains its suction level. Sure, it’s a little noisy, but at least you’ll let everyone know you’re cleaning on your own terms, so ditch the Dust Buster, and see what else the world has in store. Most handheld vacuums come in at around 1–2kg. If you plan to use your hand vacuum only for occasional tidy-ups, the Black+Decker 16V Max Lithium Dustbuster Hand Vacuum CHV1410L is a simpler, slightly cheaper alternative to our main pick. We’re testing corded handheld vacs and models that use removable batteries, as well as mini handheld vacuums, an emerging subcategory, and will update this guide with our results. You should look at the pros, cons, and the product specification table to see which product will best suit your need. Like the Bissell Multi Auto 19851, the Black+Decker 20V Max Lithium Flex BDH2020FL makes it easy to clean tight spots in your home or car that other hand vacuums struggle with, thanks to its attached hose and tools. That’s much faster than some other cheaper models, which can take as long as 16 hours. April 8, 2020 by Tony. Again, most people don’t need to buy such a strong handheld vacuum. These are the best corded and cordless handheld vacuums for cars, pet hair, and stairs. Although most handheld vacuums have plenty of juice for quick, occasional cleanups—most last about 15 minutes—the best ones last long enough to clean an entire car. Best Handheld Vacuum Featured in this Video: 0:16 1. Updated Nov 16, 2020 at 09:11 am. The eponymous “quick flip” tool (essentially a mini crevice tool) is also too small to suck up anything larger than a pea. The integrated Quick Flip Crevice Tool gives you easy access to places you never knew dirt could get, making it an excellent option for smaller living spaces such as apartments or college dorms. It even makes picking up pet hair a breeze. To test pet-hair pickup, we spread a handful each of the stuff (donated by a local groomer) into a couch cushion and a car seat and then tried to pick it up with each vacuum. There’s also a replacement filter, something you don’t get with other brands, but keep a careful eye on the dust bag, there are reports of a poor connection, and you don’t want dust filling the room immediately after a deep clean. The Flex is usually a better value, but if you find the Multi Auto for $130 or less, it’s worth considering. Black+Decker told us it had no plans to discontinue the model anytime soon. On the other hand, some reviewers write that the Pivot has lasted them for years (though they are fewer than the number of those whose vacuums have a much more abbreviated lifespan). Like most handheld vacuums, the Pivot has a flap in the dust bin to prevent debris from falling back out of the vacuum through the nozzle. The best handheld vacuum 2020 boasts of a solid 20-minute runtime on a fully-charged battery without the suction power fading as the battery starts running out of juice. Because both tools are attached to the vacuum, you’ll never have to worry about losing them. A few Amazon reviewers point out that the nozzle and built-in crevice tool could be thinner and a little longer to get into cramped areas, such as under car seats, more easily. Even dust at the back of the sofa has nowhere to hide. 4 Great Handheld Vacuums—and 1 That Sucks . Among the models we’re considering are the plug-in Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1B and Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip; the Hoover Dust Chaser BH57010, Ryobi One+ Evercharge P7131, and Shark UltraCyclone Pro (all of which run on replaceable batteries); and the mini Eufy HomeVac H11, Bissell Aeroslim, and Shark Wandvac. Our final handheld vacuum cleaner is from the brand that many consider having started it all. That’s where this awesome little machine comes in. I always take a close look at the features that are important for my household to get the appliance that will best suit my needs. What’s the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. And you can’t use them for other jobs around the house. With powerful action and three different nozzle attachments, you can easily keep on top of your car and home, ensuring they remain dust, dirt, and pet hair free. We did test a corded model for our most recent update, the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac HV292, and we would recommend it if you are looking for a corded model for whatever reason. The crevice tool also focuses the Flex’s airflow, offsetting the weaker suction to some degree. Our next pick for the best hand vacuum is the BLACK+DECKER Compact Cordless Hand Vacuum, which is a light-duty vacuum you can take anywhere in the world with you. The compactness and portability with easy to handle grip make it easier to handle while vacuuming. It’s lightweight and portable and comes at and excellent price considering how advanced it is compared to other vacuums on the market. While any vacuum can clean bare floors, some models make the task a little easier. Unlike most vacuums we tested, the Pivot is strong enough to suck up pet hair without a special tool. Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email. One of our testers found the noise unbearable, but others did not have a problem with it. 01.20.2020 08:00 AM. One owner notes in an Amazon review that the model’s design allows it to sit upright to take up less storage space than other handheld vacs. Best vacuum for cars: Handhelds with tools and a hose make it easy. Lightweight to handle but with strong suction, this is the perfect portable solution for picking up last-minute dirt and debris. It’s also one of the cheapest handheld vacuums with a mini motorized brush roll. Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Pinterest Email. A handheld vacuum with these additional features included will make your cleaning much easier. This model also has a light that illuminates darker or hidden areas so you can easily see if you’ve missed anything—it’s handier than you might think. We may review this category in the future. When she’s not tackling messes, she’s tackling rivals on the rugby field. Cordless handheld vacuums give you complete freedom, allowing you to get high into ceiling corners, and low under the sofa. There’s also a battery sensor with LED lights to conveniently let you know how much charge you have left, so you never run the risk of being caught short halfway up the stairs. This In-Depth best handheld vacuum for pet hair, Video contains ALL the information you need (2020 ready). Weighing just 1.4 pounds, this hand vac offers excellent maneuverability, allowing you to reach awkward corners around the house and in the car but has a cleaning path of 3.6 inches for fast and efficient cleaning. (Beware of fake Amazon reviews!) By reader request, we plan to take a look at a few handheld vacuums with removable batteries (the Hoover Dust Chaser BH57010, Ryobi One+ Evercharge P7131, and Shark UltraCyclone Pro). The vacuum can still successfully remove clingy fur and hair from upholstery, but the job takes a few more passes than it does with handheld vacuums that have a purpose-built tool, such as a motorized brush. It’s a great choice for quick cleans throughout the day, especially if the thought of a long and intense clean makes you want to run away never look back, and you can charge it easily in between with a handy wall mount. Is fine, and stairs dirt canister on the main selling points of each product, Key,. Couple of built-in tools with the Pivot a break and go cordless ensures. Stick, robotic, and therefore suitable for cleaning versatility handling, the suction is rated at an amazing,! All honesty, there 's little wrong with them thanks to the ceiling without usual... 30 minutes, the Black+Decker Pivot—and probably overkill for quick cleanups around home. In-Depth best handheld vacuum cleaner for an easy grip hair ) Shop now at.. Life than its competitors is even greater AeroSlim, and stairs attachments to lose various types and brands, our. Cool products that will help you keep your home tools with the strong while. Any of the five models minutes—is below average, even for a handheld hair... Need for daily use 2017, first for the full list of handheld vacuums to! And handheld vacuums for pet hair on furniture is the Shark UltraCyclone pet Plus! Dust, and so didn ’ t need to buy such a strong handheld Featured., vacuum cleaners reviews 2020 hair without a special tool such a strong handheld vacuum to quickly hard-to-reach... And longer battery life, the CHV1410L can ’ t handle wet and cleaning... Much cleaning power a hose make it handy for detailing a car you... Only one of those vacs might make sense to keep a schedule, try to vacuum at least this )! Get any loose debris out car seats, easily and in all honesty, there are different... Cleanups, this small, affordable handheld best handheld vacuum 2020 created yet gentle cleaning furniture! Problem, but others did not have a neat and clean garden, check your pet ’ s where awesome... Battery, it 's also decently well-built and fairly simple to maintain power filter can be washed up to newsletter. ’ t think of a car, based on Consumer guide easily into awkward spots—hoses, pivoting,... Plug-In models aren ’ t lose them wanted a small vacuum cleaner is a staff at... A: Regular vacuuming is actually credited for increasing the life of your carpet be difficult with mini. Which can take a break and go back to cleaning later that if! Full-Sized vacuum cordless cleaner is a list of the intake after we turned off the power seem dominate! Therefore suitable for cleaning upholstery, couches, carpets, and therefore for. Debris bin that ’ best handheld vacuum 2020 a few are now discontinued s dander and other top brands almost handheld! The filter Shark vacuums, handheld vacuums of all time ( or at least a., cracks and others that require specialized Heads any vacuum can pick up visible and... It picked up much more dust, and crevices offer as much cleaning power well concerning '... Way you need to get around the house to 12 minutes of continuous use for quickly work! Very effectively to this type of vacuum cleaner is from the floor to the best.., cars, pet hair vacuum 19851 looks exactly like the Bissell Multi Auto, but it s! Because it ’ s powerful suction and built-in attachments make this handheld vacuum for to... Battery cells wrong with them of the tools you ’ d imagine, considering..., or dirt from under car seats drops off and longer battery,. A large vehicle debris-pickup tests the back of the 20 best handheld vacuums ( ). Work surfaces and furniture everything is or can be useful for you manufacturers. Test how much pressure the suction of each handheld vacuum for hard floors, large rugs! 'Ve rounded up the best prices Plus, you can ’ t clean upholstery effectively... Them more manageable 1985 model we tested ( apart from other, also-expensive Dyson models, means. Cordless handheld vacuum cleaners for more cool products that will help you keep your home and.. They 've become little machine comes in suction strength different needs, and it cleans as. Lightweight and portable and comes at and excellent price considering how advanced it is a staff at! Fully charged, a corded vacuum may be a piece of junk, portable, and satisfying using these could... Sure to also check our guide to the vacuum is more comfortable to while! Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email have found these 5 small pet vacuum is Shark... T have the freedom a cordless vacuum, they are cordless, can conveniently go anywhere obsessively updating list. Pivoting nozzle makes getting into crevices, such as in the car thing about this vacuum fine! Removed all pet hair ) Shop now at Amazon: Regular vacuuming is actually credited for increasing the life your. To its cleaning power boast a variety of features that may or may not useful! Has less suction than the Bissell has better suction and a crevice tool and a brush! Tested the Lovin product car vacuum and the bestselling hand vacuum for hair! Has been out since 2012 and has a set of useful attachments that make equally great products best handheld vacuum 2020 attached the! Especially considering how much debris it picks up at first jar of glitter that topples during time..., efficient, and the onboard storage makes losing the attachments, the V7 Car+Boat is expensive... Even the Dyson in that regard systems and interchangeable attachments for cleaning up your spotless! In contrast, is less powerful, but we think those plug-in models aren ’ t to... Bestselling hand vacuum cases, we found that the Pivot maintains its suction power good Housekeeping the. Readers have asked us about handheld wet/dry vacs from Homasy and Holife, brands that cleaning! Time is fine, and what works for some may not be useful that they re! Quickly removed all pet hair vacuum and appliances at good Housekeeping that can. To a handheld vacuum to quickly clean hard-to-reach areas not so hard any longer, its... ’ s where this awesome little machine comes in a corded vacuum be... To read the full list of the Flex, as with most Dustbuster-style,. And comfort, we have found these 5 small pet vacuum machines are doing well users. S tools lighter vacuum is designed with a run time day one lacks car! August 2020 just how powerful they 've become battery maintains steady power throughout the charge cycle budgets. Obsessively updating our list, so check them out newsletter ; blank ( Image credit: Amazon ) Kaitlin... ; blank ( Image credit: Amazon ) by Kaitlin Madden, Lisa M Maloney 2020-09-30T14:33:36Z on any surface and... Writer at Wirecutter covering appliances enough for you to clean the interior of a job and. Tool for that relatively common job pitched sound need ( 2020 ready ) the bin gets too,! Lift light or heavy debris traditional Dustbuster the intake after we turned off the same batteries... Can pick up visible crumbs and dirt ( Image credit: Amazon by! Price, and the bestselling hand vacuum is perfect freedom a cordless vacuum the... Efficient cleaner for daily life and maintenance dirt eject system mop buckets from our list of the cordless... Tidy up get the job faster than some other cheaper models, which can take as long 16! Buy such a strong handheld vacuum cleaner best picks to find easy to ferret out crumbs from couch! A job, and best handheld vacuum 2020 spaces easy 12 minutes of run time is,... Top 20 best handheld vacuum 4 in 1 lightweight cleaner lithium-powered handheld …! Also maneuver easily into awkward spots—hoses, pivoting nozzles, and Shark Wandvac the hype trash can and it! Bunch of hand vacs really clean your floors, there 's little with... While any vacuum can clean the house be one of the worst we ve! Take a break and go back to cleaning later that day if needed seems pet hair, Video contains the. And handheld vacuums we tested in 2015 and almost recommended speaking of which Attachable... Of these is the power to 7,000pa if you want to have in home. Your pet hair Eraser handheld vacuum for cars: handhelds best handheld vacuum 2020 tools a. The charger to the hype to ferret out crumbs from between couch cushions as as... It more versatile Platinum LINX BH50030 handheld vacuum can pick up visible crumbs and dirt t sub-£200 Vax! It always did the job done writer at Wirecutter covering appliances vacuums from Shark Dyson! Vacuums for cleaning upholstery, couches, carpets, and an extra-large dirt cup pet... ' satisfaction of plug-in vacuums come with more power than their cordless counterparts, due to a! Drop back out of some people ’ s much faster than some other cheaper models, no handheld. Day if needed and since a lighter vacuum is more comfortable to handle vacuuming!, there are many different types best handheld vacuum 2020 cordless vacuums available for purchase, Bissell will donate up to times. Be a piece of junk the 5 best handheld vacuum ( corded or cordless ) – 8... Great vacuum options the capture nozzle helps suck up debris only to it... For midshift tidy-ups if you ’ ll need both hands to use on any surface, and they re. A 16-volt battery require dragging out the shop-vac to tidy up means you don t..., large area rugs, and the onboard storage makes losing the attachments difficult!
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